About PWP Photography

I'm not a professional photographer just an enthusiast photographer trying to improve his skills and expand his knowledge. Someday I hope to become a professional photographer. I enjoy photography as a hobby, it takes me places I would not have gone on my own and it is enjoyable.

My primary focus in photography is nature, both wildlife and plants. I enjoy taking macro pictures of mushrooms and lichen. Landscape and still life would be my next interest with people being my lest favorite area of interest. Because of my primary interest in wildlife photography PWP Photography got it's name from our three favorite animals, Puffins, Wolves and Pandas.

When I'm out with my wife she becomes the pack mule, carrying all the extra gear I can't carry. She says that she doesn't mind it as I will never let her get lost and I will always come looking for her.

For my "Day Job" I'm a principal engineer with the Alaska Satellite Facility (ASF), tasked with maintaining the NASA and University of Alaska ground stations which collect data from Low Earth Orbiting (LEO) satellites. I have been called upon to be the photographer at different events and to just maintain a collection of images for ASF. Some of my images have been used in publications and briefings for both NASA and ASF.